Split (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Split (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Veröffentlicht: 2017
Autor/Komponist: West Dylan Thordson
Laufzeit: 59:34
Anzahl der Tracks: 22
CD 1
The Beast (Bonus Track) 3:50
Rejoice 3:18
The Rise of the Beast 3:38
The Standoff 3:24
Kevin Wendell Crumb 2:41
Casey Meets the Beast 4:19
Opening 1:33
What's Wrong With Barry? 2:52
Dr. Fletcher and the World 2:00
Dr. Fletcher's Death 1:42
A Way Out 3:01
Dr. Fletcher in Philadelphia 1:35
The Beast Is on the Move 3:09
What Are You up to, Dennis? 1:14
Arrival 2:08
I'm Really Sad You Feel This Way 2:52
Meeting the Others 3:38
Casey Tells the Truth 1:40
I Know You Want to Tell Me Something 2:33
There Are Things That Are Hard to Believe 3:07
Somebody Save Us 2:00
Last Rites 3:20


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