Dog Days - Herz, Hund, Happy End!
    Dog Days (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
    Dog Days (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
    Veröffentlicht: 2018
    Autor/Komponist: Craig Wedren, Autor/Komponist: Matt Novack
    Laufzeit: 0:36:06
    Anzahl der Tracks: 10
    CD 0
    Made of Gold 3:06
    Walking the Dog 3:12
    Who Let the Dogs 3:59
    Sweet Love 2:52
    I'm Too Sexy 3:11
    You Got It (The Right Stuff) 3:18
    When We Were Older 4:21
    How Am I Gonna Get You Up There? / Suspicious / Elevator Mace 1:21
    I Miss You / Walter Home Movies / Goodbyes 5:32
    Mabel's True Family / Wake up / Happy Paws 5:14
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