Jeepers Creepers
Jeepers Creepers (Original Motion Picture Score)
Jeepers Creepers (Original Motion Picture Score)
Veröffentlicht: 2010
Autor/Komponist: Bennet Salvay
Laufzeit: 42:23
Anzahl der Tracks: 18
CD 1
Finding the Body 2:36
Jeepers Creepers (Main Title Theme) 1:17
Bone Appetite 1:06
Back to the Church/The Pipe 4:14
Trish's Surprise 0:42
The Track Attacks 3:01
The House of Pain 3:02
Kenny and Darla 1:14
Creeper's Tale 2:42
Monster Mashed/The Big Flap 4:09
Trish and Darry's Theme 1:28
The Creeper Attacks 2:13
The Truck Returns 0:38
Creepy Crawler 1:56
My Heart Goes Out 2:35
My Brother's Creeper 6:31
Truck's Horn 0:06
Here Comes the Boogey Man 2:53


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