Dirty Dancing
The Dark Knight (Collectors Edition) [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]
The Dark Knight (Collectors Edition) [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]
Veröffentlicht: 2008
Autor/Komponist: James Newton Howard
Laufzeit: 2:25:40
Anzahl der Tracks: 28
CD 1
Why So Serious? 9:13
You're Gonna Love Me 4:50
Decent Men In An Indecent Time 2:50
Halfway To Hong Kong 3:41
Bank Robbery (Prologue) 5:23
A Dark Knight 16:14
Watch The World Burn 3:47
Harvey Two-Face 6:15
Buyer Beware 2:54
I'm Not A Hero 6:33
The Ferries 9:56
You Complete Me 4:49
Chance 3:32
Gunpowder And Gasoline - Mel Wesson Remix 4:31
Poor Choice Of Words - Paul van Dyk Remix 6:12
Why So Serious? - The Crystal Method Remix 5:28
A Watchful Guardian 6:41
We Are Tonight's Entertainment 5:37
Rory's First Kiss - Ryeland Allison Remix 6:03
Agent Of Chaos 6:55
Introduce A Little Anarchy 3:41
Aggressive Expansion 4:34
Blood On My Hands 2:15
And I Thought My Jokes Were Bad 2:27
Always A Catch 1:39
A Little Push 2:41
Like A Dog Chasing Cars 5:01
I Am The Batman 1:58


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