Lawrence von Arabien
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Lawrence Of Arabia (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Lawrence Of Arabia (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Veröffentlicht: 2013
Autor/Komponist: Maurice Jarre Conducting The London Philharmonic Orchestra
Laufzeit: 32:24
Anzahl der Tracks: 12
CD 1
Miracle 3:00
Overture 4:09
Main Title 1:53
The Voice Of The Guns 1:59
Nefud Mirage 2:19
The Rescue Of Gasim And Bringing Gasim Into Camp 5:39
Arrival At Auda's Camp 2:00
That Is The Desert 2:51
Continuation Of The Miracle 2:13
The Sun's Anvil 3:08
Lawrence And Body Guard 2:05
End Title 1:08
Lawrence Of Arabia
Lawrence Of Arabia
Veröffentlicht: 2011
Autor/Komponist: The City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra
Laufzeit: 2:28:09
Anzahl der Tracks: 46
CD 1
First Entrance to the Desert (From "Lawrence of Arabia") 4:25
Main Titles (From "Lawrence of Arabia") 1:56
Overture (From "Lawrence of Arabia") 4:23
Night and Stars (From "Lawrence of Arabia") 1:11
Attack on Akaba / Lawrence at the Sea Shore (From "Lawrence Of Arabia") 2:03
We Need a Miracle (From "Lawrence of Arabia") 2:39
Lawrence and Tafas (From "Lawrence of Arabia") 4:31
On to Akaba (From "Lawrence of Arabia") 3:18
Exodus (From "Lawrence of Arabia") 2:24
Bedouin Feast (From "Lawrence Of Arabia") 1:26
Lawrence Rides Alone (From "Lawrence of Arabia") 0:50
Arrival at Auda's Camp (From "Lawrence of Arabia") 1:59
In Whose Name Do You Ride? (From "Lawrence of Arabia") 2:34
Mirage / The Sun's Anvil (From "Lawrence of Arabia") 5:19
That Is the Desert (The Camels Will Die) [From "Lawrence of Arabia"] 2:37
Lawrence Rescues Gasim / Lawrence Returns with Gasim / The Riding (From "Lawrence of Arabia") 6:37
Gasim Lost in the Desert (From "Lawrence of Arabia") 3:29
Bugle Call / Lawrence on the Terrace / Intermission (From "Lawrence of Arabia") 1:54
A Brilliant Bit of Soldiering – the Voice of the Guns (From "Lawrence of Arabia") 2:05
Sinai Desert / After Quicksands / Hutments / Suez Canal (From "Lawrence of Arabia") 6:16
Ali Rescues Lawrence / Allenby's Flattery (From "Lawrence of Arabia") 3:11
The Horse Stampede / Farraj Killed (From "Lawrence of Arabia") 2:56
Adulation (From "Lawrence of Arabia") 0:49
Assembled Army / Lawrence and His Bodyguard / Arab Theme (From "Lawrence of Arabia") 3:06
The End / Play-Off Music (From "Lawrence of Arabia") 4:01
Military March (From "Lawrence Of Arabia") 1:19
CD 2
The Sonnensheins (From "Sunshine") 4:52
The Feast (Symphonic Dance Suite) [From "The Magician of Lublin"] 1:48
Warsaw (Symphonic Dance Suite) [From "The Magician of Lublin"] 0:34
The Magician (Symphonic Dance Suite) [From "The Magician of Lublin"] 0:41
Moon Over Parador 3:51
Nocturne (Alternative Version) [From "Lawrence of Arabia"] 1:52
Prancer 6:19
Main Theme (From "Cimarron Strip") 1:01
Suite (From "The Fixer") 7:11
Bicycles (Symphonic Dance Suite) [From "The Magician of Lublin"] 1:28
The Magician Flies (Symphonic Dance Suite) [From "The Magician of Lublin"] 1:56
The Park (Symphonic Dance Suite) [From "The Magician of Lublin"] 0:49
End Credits (From "The Palanquin of Tears") 2:47
Where Was I When the Parade Went By" (From "Ryan's Daughter") 2:38
End Credits (From "Resurrection") 3:25
End Credits (From "Solar Crisis") 6:51
The Voice of the Guns – Original Version 2:41
End Credits (From "Firefox") 5:18
Concert Suite (From "Jesus Of Nazareth") 8:27
Main Theme (From "Dead Poets Society") 6:22


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