Die Insel
The Island (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
The Island (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Veröffentlicht: 2005
Autor/Komponist: Steve Jablonsky
Laufzeit: 50:39
Anzahl der Tracks: 14
CD 1
Mass Vehicular Carnage 2:25
You Have A Special Purpose In Life 4:32
Renovatio 4:12
Agnate Ukuleles 2:40
Starkweather 4:09
I'm Not Ready To Die 2:34
This Tongue Thing's Amazing 4:27
Mass Winnings 5:07
My Name Is Lincoln 3:41
Sector 6 2:49
Where Do These Tubes Go? 2:06
Send In The Clones 4:29
The Island Awaits You 2:22
The Craziest Mess I've Ever Seen 5:06


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