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    The Smurfs (Original Motion Picture Score)
    The Smurfs (Original Motion Picture Score)
    Veröffentlicht: 2011
    Autor/Komponist: Heitor Pereira
    Laufzeit: 0:22:05
    Anzahl der Tracks: 10
    CD 0
    Race to the Village 2:22
    Gargamel's Smurf Plan 2:00
    Blue Moon Predictions 0:57
    It's Invisible 1:17
    The Vortex 3:35
    Where the Smurfs Are We? 1:28
    Clumsy Gets in the Box 2:00
    Sweet Folicular Ambrosia 2:43
    Clumsy's out of the Box 4:37
    Is Everyone in This Realm Insane? 1:06
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