Street Fighter: Assassin's Fist
    Staffel 1
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    Street Fighter: Assassin's Fist
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    12 Episoden
    Starttermin: 23. Mai 2014
    Christian Howard
    Christian Howard
    Rolle: Ken Masters
    Mike Moh
    Mike Moh
    Rolle: Ryu
    Akira Koieyama
    Akira Koieyama
    Rolle: Gouken
    Togo Igawa
    Togo Igawa
    Rolle: Goutetsu
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    Die episoden von staffel 1
    S01E01 - Beginnings
    Round 1: Fight
    S01E02 - Round 1: Fight
    Satsui No Hado
    S01E03 - Satsui No Hado
    A Rough Night
    S01E04 - A Rough Night
    S01E05 - Banished
    Demons Within
    S01E06 - Demons Within
    Path of the Shin Oni
    S01E07 - Path of the Shin Oni
    The Ultimate Sacrifice
    S01E08 - The Ultimate Sacrifice
    The Calm Before the Storm
    S01E09 - The Calm Before the Storm
    The Raging Demon
    S01E10 - The Raging Demon
    May the Best Man Win
    S01E11 - May the Best Man Win
    End Game
    S01E12 - End Game
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