Die Rebellen vom Liang Shan Po
Originaltitel The Water Margin
Creator unbekannt (1976) | Japan | 30 Minuten
Martial Arts
The Water Margin
The Water Margin
Veröffentlicht: 2005
Autor/Komponist: Native Son & The Dri Fish of The 5th L
Laufzeit: 1:19:16
Anzahl der Tracks: 22
CD 1
Angels In Hell ft. Jahiti of Brown F.I.S.H 4:03
The Water Margin ft. Thomas Huggins 6:00
Weather People ft. Myisha Cherry 4:43
Moving Cd's scene 1:16
Reflections 4:22
Flow 5:22
Get Up 3:15
Lyrical Monstar ft. Chuck The Madd Ox 4:17
Talk is cheap 4:19
Montage 0:31
Gun Talk 4:58
We Haven't Spoken 3:13
What's Good 3:46
Introducing ft. Jason Reynolds 5:19
Intro ft. Chuck The Madd Ox 1:29
Little Boy Blue 4:16
Open mic night ft. Ad-Lib 1:36
Prayer of a broken vessel ft. Carmen Hope 5:18
This is gonna hurt ft. Talaam Acey 4:22
Epilogue 0:51
Thank You 2:12
Luv U 4 Ever 3:48

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