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A River Runs Through It [Silver Screen Edition]
A River Runs Through It [Silver Screen Edition]
Veröffentlicht: 1992
Autor/Komponist: A River Runs Through It
Laufzeit: 1:06:08
Anzahl der Tracks: 32
CD 1
Shooting The Chutes 1:53
A Trip To The Unknown 2:29
A Summer Of Lumber And Fishing 1:45
A River Through It 2:23
Down The Alley (With You) 2:21
A Land Filled With Wonder 1:34
Casting Presbyterian Style 1:30
Three Fisherman 1:57
A Four-Count Rythm 2:29
Je ne sais quoi 0:58
Bye Bye Blackbird 1:59
The Sheik Of Araby 1:57
In Half-Light Of The Canyon 2:47
Muskrat Ramble 2:00
Swing Me High; Swing Me Low 2:30
Jessie And Norman 3:01
The Splendor In The Grass 1:11
Rawhide 0:59
Early Departure 0:50
The Wild RIde 2:29
Lolo's 1:16
The Moment That Could Not Last 1:23
The High Road 1:03
A Fine Fisherman And The Big Black-Foot River 1:42
Without Complete Understanding 1:23
Yes, Quite A Day 1:06
Too Deep For Fears 0:47
Mark Isham Interview 7:55
Haunted by Waters - A River Runs Through It (Reprise) 4:21
A Place Remembered 0:55
A Remark Was Passed 2:24
Rugged Cross 2:51


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