Miami Vice
    Staffel 2
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    Miami Vice


    22 Episoden
    zuerst ausgestrahlt auf: NBC
    Staffel produziert in 1985
    Don Johnson
    Don Johnson
    Philip Michael Thomas
    Philip Michael Thomas
    Edward James Olmos
    Edward James Olmos
    John Diehl
    John Diehl
    Die komplette Besetzung der Staffel 2
    Die episoden von staffel 2
    Prodigal Son - Part 1
    S02E01 - Prodigal Son - Part 1
    Prodigal Son - Part 2
    S02E02 - Prodigal Son - Part 2
    Whatever Works
    S02E03 - Whatever Works
    Out Where the Buses Don't Run
    S02E04 - Out Where the Buses Don't Run
    The Dutch Oven
    S02E05 - The Dutch Oven
    S02E06 - Buddies
    Junk Love
    S02E07 - Junk Love
    S02E08 - Voodoo
    S02E09 - Samurai
    Bought and Paid For
    S02E10 - Bought and Paid For
    Back in the World
    S02E11 - Back in the World
    Phil the Shill
    S02E12 - Phil the Shill
    Definitely Miami
    S02E13 - Definitely Miami
    Yankee Dollar
    S02E14 - Yankee Dollar
    One Way Ticket
    S02E15 - One Way Ticket
    Little Miss Dangerous
    S02E16 - Little Miss Dangerous
    Florence Italy
    S02E17 - Florence Italy
    French Twist
    S02E18 - French Twist
    The Fix
    S02E19 - The Fix
    S02E20 - Payback
    Free Verse
    S02E21 - Free Verse
    Trust Fund Pirates
    S02E22 - Trust Fund Pirates
    Sons and Lovers
    S02E23 - Sons and Lovers
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