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    Animal House
    Animal House
    Veröffentlicht: 2010
    Laufzeit: 0:34:01
    Anzahl der Tracks: 10
    CD 0
    Intro 0:13
    Animal House Intro 1:24
    Coconuts (feat. Ron Lennon) 4:30
    Whats My Name (feat. Get Ricch) 4:02
    Cotton Candy (feat. Get Ricch, Ridthem & Wok) 3:56
    Puttin Out the Hits 2:38
    Fa Shigady 4:06
    Once Upon a Time 4:43
    Spy vs. Spy 3:54
    Passing Me By (feat. Kashu da Nut & Kevin Pride) 4:35
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