Bomb Girls
    Staffel 2
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    Bomb Girls


    12 Episoden
    Starttermin: 2. Januar 2013
    Meg Tilly
    Meg Tilly
    Rolle: Lorna Corbett
    Jodi Balfour
    Jodi Balfour
    Rolle: Gladys Witham
    Charlotte Hegele
    Charlotte Hegele
    Rolle: Kate Andrews
    Ali Liebert
    Ali Liebert
    Rolle: Betty McRae
    Die komplette Besetzung der Staffel 2
    Die episoden von staffel 2
    The Quickening
    S02E01 - The Quickening
    Roses Red
    S02E02 - Roses Red
    The Enemy Within
    S02E03 - The Enemy Within
    Guests of Honor
    S02E04 - Guests of Honor
    The Harder We Fight
    S02E05 - The Harder We Fight
    Where There's Smoke
    S02E06 - Where There's Smoke
    Party Line
    S02E07 - Party Line
    Fifth Column
    S02E08 - Fifth Column
    Something Fierce
    S02E09 - Something Fierce
    Romeo Foxtrot
    S02E10 - Romeo Foxtrot
    Kings and Pawns
    S02E11 - Kings and Pawns
    Blood Relations
    S02E12 - Blood Relations
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