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    Veröffentlicht am 23. April 2013
    [Am 23.04.13 auf Facebook veröffentlicht]

    I just watched the first episode of the sequel series to Zombieland. And I want to preface this with two things. 1. I really liked the original movie, it was one of the best zombie movies I have ever seen. 2. I haven't watched the walking dead so I can't compare it to that.
    The first thing you notice is the new actors, which was expected. even if I hoped for Emma Stone to return ;)
    Unfortunately with the new actors came a serious downgrade in the acting quality, I'm not saying the new actors completely suck but if you compare it to the movie they suck. Another thing that looked way batter in the movie was the makeup and effects on the zombies. From afar they look decent and they know it, because almost never saw a zombie close-up, but man oh man did they fuck up their CGI, it looks really cheap.
    While the movie overall was a lighthearted comedy and had some slapstick it didn't overdo it and still had its more serious moments.
    The series (as far as the pilot goes) is goes all in with the comedy, which in my opinion is not a good decision. Some of the jokes work out really well and are in tune with the original, like the "Zombie kill of the week" award, but other stuff doesn't work out right.
    In the end I am not willing to give up my hopes yet and still see potential in the series.
    The pilot was a slow start, but of course they had to give you some exposition first, and I think they will pick up the pace next episode.
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